7AC Alignment Fixtures (JIGS)


                  800 Plaza Dr -  Evansville IN 47715


                  Selma Airport  7225 East Huntsman  Selma, CA 9366

Champ owner with twenty-four 7 series airframes repaired in this fixture


Oleo/Landing Gear Repair

                 1905 Endwell Drive  Raleigh, NC 27616



Repairs to oleos/axles/case frames for all models. Can repair most items regardless of how bad the damage is.

Replacement of case frame oleo bushing.

Average cost to repair/service an undamaged pair of oleos is $375.

Average cost to replace a case frame bushing in an undamaged uncovered case frame is $175/case frame.

Turn around is normally less than 2 weeks often it is 1 week.

Sells oleos that are same as new - 95% new parts. Also sells repaired oleos/axles/case frames that are in overhauled condition.



All of our Back Plates are reinforced to help prevent the cracking issues many of us have experienced. We have Back Plates for Tapered & Flanged Crankshafts. Spinners are available for wood or metal propellers. We have had a few requests already & have had a limited number of Spinners & Back Plates finished out. We do not plan to go into the airplane parts business. Our idea is to support 11 series Chief Owners in this endeavor. We have owned and flown an 11AC Chief since 1980.

 Spinners - $200.00

 Back Plates - $200.00

 Plus shipping & insurance. ($20.00 - most zip codes)

11 SERIESSpring steel door catches for 11-series Chiefs.  $30 plus shipping for a set of 2. 


VanSyckle Brake Parts - Skybound 770 446 6797   

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