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National Aeronca Association

We are dedicated to supporting the design and preserving the history of Aeronca aircraft.

20th National Convention Pic

20th NAA Convention – Middletown 2021

In light of the current situation with the COVID-19 virus, it is with a heavy heart that I announce that the 20th Convention of the National Aeronca Association will not happen this summer.  Directives from the Governor of Ohio currently prohibit gatherings of this sort. We are tentatively planning on 17-19 June of 2021 for the next convention.

With the recent events, it does not make sense to think that all will be well by this June. So the idea of sliding it to a later date this summer just isn’t responsible as we have always been committed to our Member’s Safety.

Our conventions, over the years, have allowed the Aeronca World and its proud citizens the opportunity to meet face to face.   Sometimes it has been people who have been our on-line friends for years.  Sometimes we find people that we can’t believe have the same interests and questions as we have. Middletown is simply magic.

We find all the wonderful and odd little planes and the even odder and just as wonderful people.  We experience the factory that was the birthplace of so many of our aircraft. At Middletown, I always tell people that if you go home without having the answer or point of contact for all your questions, you’ve missed a great opportunity.  It’s where you go to find that solution to the burp that stopped the progress on your project.  You leave with euphoric inspiration.  It’s magic.

Let’s make this a positive.  If your plane and you were planning on being in Middletown, we expect to see you next year.  If your plane was close to being completed, take advantage of the delay and channel the money of canceled events into airplane parts.  If you need parts or technical advice, put something on our site now.

To my fellow Aeroncateers, it is my pleasure to invite you all to be part of the 20th Convention of the National Aeronca Association to be held next year at historic Hook Field, Middletown, Ohio. 

Save this date - 17-19 June 2021. 

Craig MacVeigh

President National Aeronca Association

...we are the NAA

Founded by Jim Thompson and fostered by his leadership for nearly thirty years, we are now led by a Board of Directors. We meet in convention every two years at Hook Field (MWO) in Middletown, Ohio, the site of the Aeronca Corporation, where all of our post war planes were produced.