7AC Alignment Fixtures (JIGS)


                  800 Plaza Dr -  Evansville IN 47715


                  Selma Airport  7225 East Huntsman  Selma, CA 9366

Champ owner with twenty-four 7 series airframes repaired in this fixture


Oleo/Landing Gear Repair

                 1905 Endwell Drive  Raleigh, NC 27616



Repairs to oleos/axles/case frames for all models. Can repair most items regardless of how bad the damage is.

Replacement of case frame oleo bushing.

Average cost to repair/service an undamaged pair of oleos is $375.

Average cost to replace a case frame bushing in an undamaged uncovered case frame is $175/case frame.

Turn around is normally less than 2 weeks often it is 1 week.

Sells oleos that are same as new - 95% new parts. Also sells repaired oleos/axles/case frames that are in overhauled condition.