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Renew your NAA Membership today with this special offer!

We have had many ask about renewing their membership.  We are now offering a 2 year new membership or renewal for $50 which will include a CD containing the most complete set of Aeronca drawings available.  The CD contains 293 C-2 and C-3 drawings and 4,597 drawings of Aeronca models from the K through the 7 & 11 series.  The CD is not for sale and is only being made available to members, new and existing, who take advantage of this 2 year membership offer.  

To renew or join today and receive your own Aeronca drawing CD, please print and complete the membership form and send it in with a check payable to the National Aeronca Association.  Make sure you select the new 2 year membership option.


Make plans now to attend the 18th National Aeronca Association Convention at Hook Field in Middletown, Ohio (KMWO)

June 16-19, 2016.  You won't see more Aeroncas in one place anywhere else in the world!

Information on the 18th National Aeronca Association convention can be found HERE

To order a copy of the above panoramic photo from the 2014 convention HERE.

If you've been an NAA member for any length of time, you'll know one thing that has been missing...our publication.  We are working to bring that back, this time in electronic format.  Printed copies will eventually be available as well for those who request it.

Vol 13.4 - 4th Qtr 2014
Vol 13.3 - 3rd Qtr 2014
Vol 13.2 - 2nd Qtr 2014
Vol 13.1 - 1st Qtr 2014

The STC needed to legally operate your 7 or 8 series aircraft with the door removed is now available through the National Aeronca Association.  Go to the NAA Merchandise page to order.

While you're here, check out the National Aeronca Association's Online Merchandise Catalog.  Now you can order all of your favorite quality Aeronca and NAA-related items you've seen for sale at our biennial convention and Oshkosh.


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Miscellaneous photos taken during the 13th National Aeronca Association Convention in June 2006.
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Wing Spar AD Information from President Jim Thompson about the FAA wing spar AD that effect all Aeronca 7 and 11 series aircraft.
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